Saturday, February 17, 2007

New Marine recruit goes to Parris Island

I heard from an old friend today. She and I go back to the days when we worked together in Richmond in our early 20s, and we've stayed in touch all these years.

She popped on my IM this afternoon to say her 19-year-old son, Brandon, joined the Marines. He left Richmond at the end of January and is currently at Parris Island, SC, in Marine boot camp. She was, understandably, a mom who missed her son and was weepy as she typed to me about him. I now have his address at boot camp ... a young man to keep in touch with and thank for his love of country.

Brandon ... who knew? He's the age of my daughter, the youngest of three in his family. When he was young he was ... hmmm ... how shall I put it? Mischievous? A little rascal?

That little mischievous boy grew up and decided he wanted to join the Marines. That little boy grew into a man.

May God bless Brandon.

And may God bless his mom, my dear friend whom I've known all these years, and give her peace of mind. She is entering a proud stage of her life ... that of a Marine mom.

Semper Fi.

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