Sunday, February 11, 2007

Global warming?? 8 ft of snow in NY ... & expecting 3-4 ft more!

Global warming, anyone?

Tell that to the folks in Upstate New York who are dealing with feet -- that's feet, not inches -- of snow. So far they have 8 feet of snow on the ground ... and the forecast is for 2-4 more feet of snow over the weekend.

I bet they'd love to see a little global warming right about now.

How's this for a Winter Wonderland?

  • Snow is 8' deep on the ground.
  • Drifts are up to the eaves of houses.
  • Front doors of houses are buried; tracks lead to upstairs windows.
  • People are clearing roofs to avoid cave-ins from the weight of the snow.
  • Vehicles are buried in the snow with only the tips of antennas showing.
  • Cleared sidewalks look like canyons tunneled between walls of snow.

And they're expecting 2-4' more. Wow. Even the snow lover in me would have a hard time dealing with that much of the white stuff.

This is the Tug Hill Plateau, the snowiest region east of the Rocky Mountains ... and their usual snow fall is 25 feet a year. Double wow.

We don't even get 25 inches of snow a year.

So, come on, you global warming people - let's hear your explanation for this one.

And while I'm thinking of it ... when I was in high school about 30 years ago all the environmentalists and lefty types were warning about global COOLING. "Experts" went on TV talking about the impending ice age and how it would affect us. Now, a mere 30 years later, those same lefties are shoving global WARMING down our throats.

In the words of John Stossel ... "give me a break."

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Anonymous said...

While I can believe that mankind has had some impact on our climate, I cannot fathom the politicization of global warming. It's either the fault of the Republicans or Bush.

Hippies are never wrong. Right?

But all of them stink.