Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Busy-body environmentalists.... Updated

Why on earth would Henrico host a meeting about a power plant to be built hundreds of miles away in Wise County? From what I have read and heard, the majority of people in Wise want the jobs that a Dominion Virginia Power plant would bring to the region which has seen economically troubling times ... and there is a need for the electrical power.

The people of Wise want the plant.

The environmentalists, many who live nowhere near Wise, don't want it.

I've seen this scenario played out over and over the past 30 years. I call them "busy-body environmentalists." They stick their noses in where they are not wanted.

Of the 115 people who signed up to speak at the meeting, most were from central and northern Virginia, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Joshua Tulkin, "deputy director of Maryland's Chesapeake Climate Control Action Network" which is, of course, an "environmental" group, was asking about carbon dioxide released into the air and its affect on "global warming."

The majority of scientists have sufficiently debunked global warming (see Icecap) including the man who began the Weather Channel. The amount of carbon dioxide that would be released by the plant is within guidelines, according to a spokesperson for Virginia Dominion Power.

If it's not a snail darter, it's carbon emissions. Isn't it time for the people who live in a specific area to decide the direction of their own area?

Sometimes the environmental police need to MYOB.

Update: Carl at Spark It Up!! has more on this situation, and he has a right to speak up because he lives right there. In today's post, "Power plant supporters travel to Richmond to support it," he says:
This plant economically is the best thing to happen to this county in my lifetime. It will also clean the county of gob piles of waste coal. The tax revenue will help the county address the problems of our aging schools. the coal used will insure many of us in the coal industry can work and provide for our families. My thanks go out to every one who supported this plant. The support was bipartisan from our leaders and that is something we all can be proud of. That does not happen often.
Check out his other post here.


dougo said...

American acid rain is a Canadian problem.

Particulates spewed into the air in China rain down on American soil.

Blowin' in the Wind.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Understood. However, America has set standards for industries to abide by, and Dominion has said they will meet those standards. I would suggest the environmentalists go after Russia, China, and numerous other countries around the world that are fouling the air.

Environmentalists have a "holier than thou" elistist attitude which implies that they know better than the localities that are dealing with the issues ... in this case, Wise County and a population that wants and needs jobs.

People in Maryland and Northern Virginia ... butt out.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of butting out, exactly why is this your concern?

And that reference to a "majority of scientists" that you made - pure science fiction.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Good try, "Truth-teller."

Global warming is not a fact. Check out Icecap and other websites. But I suspect you will not be open-minded enough for that.

Dirk van Assendelft said...

Here is why not to support the coal plant:

Also since you seem to get your "scientific evidence" on global warming from questionable sources on the internet, I suggest you also joinb the flat earth society. Scientific proof of a flat world can be found here: Specifically, if you take a close critical look at what ICECAP is claiming, most of what they say crumbles under scrutiny.

But in order to reach that conclusion, you have to be willing to do and read real science.

Lastly, the icecap web site does not deny that the earth is warming and does not deny the greenhouse effect. But what they do hinge their arguments on is the resoundly discredited sun output variances.