Saturday, December 06, 2008

Winter Wonderland at the Homestead

Snow falls at the Homestead Saturday night.

Snow began falling around 3:00 Saturday afternoon.

Snow started falling around 3:00 Saturday afternoon as seminars and workshops were being conducted at the Republican Advance at the Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia. Tiny little flakes quickly began to coat the frozen ground after a night of temps in the teens.

Tonight the ground is covered and it is still snowing ... and cold. The beauty of the fluffy white stuff on trees, shrubs, and the ground with Christmas lights illuminating the night adds to the ambiance of the place. We walked outside taking photos and enjoying the cold and the snow ... until we were almost frozen and retreated to the fireplace in the Great Hall to thaw and people-watch.

Tonight it is a Winter Wonderland at the Homestead....

Photos by SWAC Girl


bmo said...

Thanks for the posting the pics. We also got a dusting in PWC.

Anonymous said...

The snowy weather made it a great weekend at the Advance. I enjoyed it. Thanks for the photos!