Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bearing Drift's GOP primary endorsements

Bearing Drift is written by friends.

Every day, we collaborate and discuss how politics affects Virginia and her citizens.

We all have some degree of experience in the political realm, and all bring our collective energy and enthusiasm for the process to our discussion and our writing.

But Bearing Drift is also full of freedom-loving, independent thinkers who feel that their particular views of particular candidates or issues are the right views.

Bearing Drift is also unabashedly conservative. Let’s be honest, the day we endorse a Democrat over a Republican is going to be a very interesting day indeed. Therefore, it makes the most sense for us to wade in when there is an intramural contest.

In Virginia, we are in the midst of just such a contest.

Come late in the evening on August 23, there will be seven more Republican nominees to join the already 29 conservatives who are putting a full-court press on Democrats to defend their slim 22-18 seat majority in the State Senate.

While we would like almost all of the candidates running to serve, as they all bring significant, positive attributes to the table, we know that you, the voter, can only choose one to be the nominee.
So begins today's post at Bearing Drift announcing endorsements of candidates for next Tuesday's GOP primary. Go on over and check it out. At Bearing Drift, we may not always agree with one another but, in the end, "we are family"....

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