Friday, August 26, 2011

Early morning robocall

The "unavailable" phone call came in this morning at 8:35.

Curious as to which telemarketer could be calling this early, I answered and heard a message from political operative Dick Morris speaking on behalf of the "Faith & Freedom Coalition." He noted that in all his years in politics, he had never seen a disaster as big as President Barack Obama's presidency and urged pro-faith, pro-freedom voters to rally for the next election.

He then said to stay on the line to hear how to receive his new book ... free. I hung up at that point.

Dick Morris has lots of insight into politics but he also appears to be an opportunist. He worked for the Clintons during their years in Washington, and now he's cozied up to the tea party folks.

Interesting that they sent those calls out so early this morning....

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