Monday, August 29, 2011

Bob Ladd sells local landmark Shenandoah Harley-Davidson to new owners

If you're looking to stop by the Shenandoah Harley-Davidson in Staunton for the next few days, you're out of luck.

Bob Ladd, who has owned the dealership for the past 13 years and was written up in a cover story titled "Shepherd of the Hills" in the H-D magazine, has sold. Not to worry, however ... it will reopen under new ownership on September 1st.

Ladd, announcing the change on Facebook, said that although there were few jobs that compared to being a Harley dealer, it was time to step aside, de-stress a bit, and enjoy life by owning some horses and free-range chickens. He's not being put out to pasture ... he's just changing the scenery and adding some time to enjoy his family including six grandchildren.

The location of many events that helped the local community, Ladd's dealership has become a landmark for those traveling I-81. Just take Exit 220 onto the bypass and then take the first exit, then turn at the first left and the next first left, and follow the long winding Rolling Thunder Lane to the top of the hill for a spectacular, breath-taking view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Shenandoah Valley, parts of Staunton, and I-81. Anyone stopping by was invited to linger a while on the front porch or step inside for a bite to eat. The showroom was amazing ... all those motorcycles ... all that chrome ... all those accessories.

Not long after locating there, Bob, who doesn't affiliate with any particular political party, hosted then-Delegate Chris Saxman for a barbecue fundraiser that brought out hundreds of people including George Allen riding in on a horse. What an evening that was!

A strong supporter of military veterans, Bob hosted rides ... SH-D's own "rolling thunder" ... to Washington, DC, and noted a special recognition:
"I have to give a big thanks to Robby Quick, those buses and drivers that took the WW II Veterans to their Memorial in DC will always mean a great deal to me and everyone who ventured with us that day...again something special few folks get to experience."
Known as Biker Bob, it's probably a given that Ladd will remain front and foremost in whatever endeavors he pursues.

As for me ... I just want to say thanks for his help over the years not only with fundraisers but for everything he did for the central Shenandoah Valley area. Climbing those steps at the dealership to his upstairs office that was chocked full of memorabilia, he was not one to be pushed around but was more than willing when I asked for his help in getting the word out about a Support the Troops rally in downtown Staunton. I think he would have done just about anything for the troops and military veterans. He probably bleeds red, white, and blue.

Good luck, Bob Ladd, and best wishes for success as you continue your life's journey....

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