Sunday, August 14, 2011

Washington Examiner Sunday breaking headlines

Examiner Politics Sunday: Weekend breaking news & comment from
The Washington Examiner's Campaign 2012 coverage team

Michael BaroneGOP has momentum, needs clear direction
Republicans are winning the argument over the Obama policies. But they aren't yet making the strongest case for their own.

Brian Hughes - Obama heads to heartland to talk jobs
The dust will have barely settled after a weeklong Republican spectacle in Iowa when President Obama comes riding into the Hawkeye State on Monday to kick off a campaign-style tour of Midwestern states and to tout his plans to fix the economy.

The Examiner's Hayley Peterson reports from Iowa on the battle for the GOP presidential nomination:

Perry joins GOP race, overshadows Iowa vote  AMES, IOWA -- Texas Gov. Rick Perry made a belated entry into the already crowded Republican presidential field Saturday, virtually overshadowing the other contenders who were competing for voters and momentum in the influential Iowa straw poll.

Waterloo readies for Bachmann, Perry showdown  WATERLOO, Iowa — Right off the highway in the tiny town of Waterloo, Iowa, a flashy neon sign welcomes passersby to the Electric Park Ballroom — a cream-colored building with flamingo-pink awnings that looks more like a bowling alley than a ballroom — for weddings, parties and on this night, the "Annual Republican Dinner."

AMES, IOWA — Texas Gov. Rick Perry is scheduled to speak first — before Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann — at the sold-out Lincoln Day Dinner in Waterloo, Iowa, Sunday evening, according to event organizers.

More news and comment from The Washington Examiner's Campaign 2012 coverage team:

David Freddoso - Where is Paul Ryan? Bless their hearts, some liberals seem concerned about poor House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis. You'll recall that Ryan's budget reform plan inspired astroturf protests by liberal activists this summer.

Philip Klein - Why 11th Circuit struck down Obamacare's mandate  Friday's ruling by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals striking down the national health care law’s individual mandate hinged on an issue that has consistently tripped up the Obama administration during oral arguments in several of the legal challenges to the law. The essential question is: if courts uphold the individual mandate, what is the constitutional principle that would limit the U.S. Congress’s exercise of its Commerce Clause power?

Philip Klein - Lawyer who challenged Obamacare speaks
Michael Carvin, one of the lawyers who argued against President Obama’s national health care law before the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, said the court’s decision to strike down the law’s individual mandate shows that the constitutional questions being raised transcend politics.

Joel Gehrke - Eco-groups suing over oil-drilling permits
News that Shell Oil received a "conditional exploration permit" to drill in an Arctic sea has environmentalist groups up in arms -- and apparently headed to the courts, where their lawsuits could amount to what Shell has called a "backdoor moratorium."

David Freddoso - Obama's numbers take a New York
Obama's approval ratings have plummeted in liberal New York State in the last two months to 49 percent disapproval and only 45 percent approval, according to a new poll from Quinnipiac University. The biggest change is among indpendents, who gave him positive marks at the end of June.

Final thoughts from The Examiner's Campaign 2012 coverage team on last week's FoxNews/Washington Examiner GOP presidential debate:

At the Fox News-Washington Examiner Republican presidential debate in Ames, Iowa, candidate Rick Santorum complained that he was shortchanged in the number of questions and airtime allotted to him.  Addressing the audience, Santorum said, "I told you when I traveled around Iowa, you would see me in your city, in your hometown, but you probably wouldn't see much of me on television. So it's totally true tonight."

Charlie Spiering - The Examiner's Byron York discusses 'submissive' Bachmann question
During the Fox News / Washington Examiner debate, Examiner political correspondent Byron York tested Michele Bachmann with an edgy question: As president, would she be submissive to her husband? The crowd didn't react well, but Bachmann handled it well.

Timothy P. Carney - Questions I would have asked the candidates
Had I been at the table, I would have asked some questions that didn't get asked or didn't get asked of enough candidate. I'm sure you would have to.

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