Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Last original Carolina Panthers kicker writes love letter to fans

Both my kids are big Carolina Panthers fans. There was something about being part of a brand new team when it was formed while we still lived in North Carolina and the entire region eagerly adopted them. Though we moved back home to Virginia shortly after the new team's creation, the Panthers have remained the favorite team. The blue-and-black shirts and caps have been a part of the kids' wardrobes for years.

Two weeks ago the last original Panther player, John Kasay, was released. A chapter of Panthers history has now ended and will never be repeated. The game goes on ... the seasons go on ... players come and go.

But there was something different in the way Kasay decided to go. He wrote a fond farewell to the fans who had been there throughout the years, dropping off the hand-written note at Charlotte Observer sports writer Scott Fowler's office.

Fowler described it as one of the classiest things he had ever read. The entire letter is  in the Observer ... here is the ending:
It has been a tremendous privilege to live in Charlotte, to play for the Carolina Panthers, and to be able to share my lifelong dream of playing in the NFL with all of you.

I pray that this will be a wonderful season and we will all get to watch the Panthers return to their rightful place as one of the most feared teams in the NFL.

May God bless you. Thank you again for the memories.


John Kasay
It is truly the end of an era....

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