Thursday, August 11, 2011

Will today become Tumultuous Thursday for stock market? UPDATE - Turnaround Thursday

After Morose Monday, then Turnaround Tuesday, followed by Wild Wednesday, will today turn into Tumultuous Thursday with the stock market? It's been a rollercoaster week for Wall Street and all eyes will be on it's opening this morning to see if this will be another recovery day like Tuesday, or if stocks will continue to tumble as they did yesterday.

On Fox and Friends this morning, Eric Bolling, a financial analyst frustrated at what has occurred and with Standard & Poor's downgrading of America, commented that he felt Mr. Obama should cancel his vacation, get his butt back to Washington, call Congress back, and get this financial disaster taken care of. His words reflect frustration felt throughout the financial community.

Watch the Wall Street Journal for updates when Wall Street opens this morning. Tumultuous Thursday ... or Turnaround Thursday?

Update: The volatile stock market roared back -- again -- to close up 422 points Thursday afternoon. Back-to-back up-and-down markets ... the rollercoaster ride continues. Analysts are a bit bewildered as they try to decipher what will happen next and make sense of it all.

A lack of global leadership was blamed by one analyst who said it was difficult to understand why no one was coming forward to grab the horse by the reins and take it home, so to speak.

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