Monday, August 08, 2011

Washington Examiner Monday headlines

Byron York - Liberals buzz over brutal takedown of Obama

In a new sign of President Obama's troubles with his Democratic base, liberal bloggers and activists are buzzing over a new essay that is profoundly critical of Obama's supposed betrayal of liberal ideals.

Timothy P. Carney - Private sector, not feds, can best create jobs

A presidential press secretary has never spoken a truer sentence than Jay Carney's admission last week: "The White House does not create jobs." This is a rare and welcome expression of humility from a White House that has promised everything from "remak[ing] America" to stopping the oceans' rise. It's also an opportunity to get Washington out of the way and lay out a jobs agenda that can succeed. Read More

Hayley Peterson - GOP presidential hopefuls fail to wow Iowans           

WAUKEE, Iowa - Just five months before they cast the first votes of the presidential campaign, Republican voters across Iowa are still not convinced that any one candidate running for the party's nomination has the chops to beat President Obama.

Mark Tapscott - Gore’s meltdown over climate change debate

Former Vice President Al Gore has gotten rich off the climate change financial manipulations, won a Nobel Prize for his advocacy on the issue, and generally made himself into the world-wide symbol of the global warming movement. And judging by his recent remarks to a liberal gathering in Colorado, it appears he is feeling like a loser these days.

Hayley Peterson - Obama is hiding from downgrade, Bachmann says

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann pulled all her favorite zingers on Obama Sunday evening at a rally in Iowa, cracking on the president for his reliance on teleprompters, accusing him of turning away from Israel and blaming him for for the country's recent downgrade in its credit rating.

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