Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Goshen Pass, Virginia ... the Maury River

Goshen Pass where the Maury River passes through the 3.7-mile gorge. Acquired in 1954, the area encompasses the oldest state-managed natural area preserve in Virginia. Numerous rare plants can be found in the deep forests that grow on the mountain slopes covered with oak, pines, chestnut oak, and dozens of other tree varieties.

Rt. 39 runs along the river, providing a beautiful scenic drive just 30 minutes from Lexington and 45 minutes from  Staunton.

A picnic area on Rt. 39 provides access to the river for swimming, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and tubing as well as picnic tables, grills, and a shelter with stone fireplace. Careful! The rocks are slippery so watch your step, and keep an eye out for snakes. Hiking trails are nearby.

A picnic shelter has no nails and is made with the mortice-peg style of construction using only wooden pegs to hold the beams together.

Stacked field stone fireplace.

My Virginia Tech graduate engineer step-dad studied the construction of the shelter.

Mom watched rock-hoppers on the river ...

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Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
24 August 2011

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