Friday, August 19, 2011

Cillizza's latest thoughts on 2012 Virginia U.S. Senate race

Chris Cillizza wrote in today's Washington Post, "Below is our look at the 10 Senate races most likely to switch party control in 2012." His take on Virginia's U.S. Senate race:

6. Virginia (D): With Jamie Radtke’s primary challenge to former senator George Allen (R) going nowhere fast, it now looks like a near-certainty that it will be Allen versus former governor Tim Kaine next fall. And that makes Virginia the home to the marquee Senate contest — in our humble opinion — of the 2012 cycle. Since this race is likely to be very close, what happens at the top of the ticket in the presidential contest will likely matter. If Obama can re-create his 2008 magic in the Commonwealth, it will help Kaine. If not, we could be looking at a return to the Senate for Allen. (Previous ranking: 6)
George Allen received endorsements this week from Republican leaders throughout the Commonwealth.

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