Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kaine turns natural disasters into fund raising opportunity

Tim Kaine seems to have taken a page out of Rahm Emanuel's play book: "You don't ever want a crisis to go to waste...."

Indeed, in the wake of Virginians experiencing a week that saw many affected by a 5.9-magnitude earthquake followed by the weekend devastation caused by Hurricane Irene, Democrat U.S Senate candidate Tim Kaine sent out a fund raising letter. Twisting remarks made by Leader Eric Cantor concerning help for victims of the natural disasters, Kaine used the opportunity to slam Cantor and ask for money.

While a half million Virginians still sit without electricity including my 80-something parents, and others are digging out from devastating flooding, tornado damage, loss of homes, and thousands of downed trees, Kaine -- who wants to represent those very citizens -- thinks it's the right time to ask them for money. While civic organizations, churches, and the Red Cross are handing out bottled water and ice to those still in need, Kaine wants a donation for himself.

Meanwhile, Republicans led by Governor Bob McDonnell have urged those who are able to do so to help out their fellow citizens.

Bearing Drift colleague Norm Leahy probably best points out the hypocrisy of Kaine's fund raising request:
The ask is soft, but the large, red “CONTRIBUTE” button at the bottom of the form shows that Kaine is far less interested in sending Eric Cantor a message than he is in using Hurricane Irene’s aftermath as a fundraising hook.

That borders upon the despicable.
Virginia needs a leader who cares about the the welfare of the citizens.

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