Monday, August 15, 2011

Washington Examiner Monday headlines

Timothy P. Carney - Will no one rid the GOP of this troublesome man?   With Tim Pawlenty out of the race, only two active Presidential candidates scored more than 10 percent in Saturday's Iowa straw poll. Following the media coverage Sunday, you would never guess Congressman Ron Paul was one of them.

Why do the mainstream media and the Republican establishment persist in ignoring and dismissing Paul?

Byron York - Behind the Michele Bachmann 'submissive' question   Whatever the case, Bachmann's answer in Ames Thursday night was by far the most human moment of her appearance in the debate -- a far cry from her tough exchanges with former Minnesota Gov. (and now former candidate) Tim Pawlenty.  At their best, debates tell us new things about candidates and allow us to learn more about aspects of their personalities we haven't seen before. Is there any doubt that moment in Ames on Thursday night did just that for Michele Bachmann?

Hayley Peterson - Perry courts Bachmann's Tea Party voters   "The president of the United States has a pen and it's called a veto pen and I will use it until the ink runs out if that's what it takes to send the message that we're not spending all this money," Perry shouted, drawing cheers from a crowd of nearly 300 voters.

Philip Klein - Where Pawlenty went wrong   Just a few months ago, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty was seen as a top tier candidate for the presidency, the chief challenger to frontrunner Mitt Romney. Today, he’s gone. Where did he go wrong?

Philip Klein - Perry threatens Romney among second-choice voters   One of the key things to think about when handicapping a presidential nomination battle is not just who is ahead at the moment, but who is most likely to benefit once the field inevitably narrows down and key Republicans begin making endorsements.  On that score, Texas Gov. Rick Perry would seem to be a huge threat to Mitt Romney.

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