Monday, August 15, 2011

Will MSM push Ron Paul to back of the line?

Even though libertarian-leaning Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) came in a close second at the Ames, Iowa, straw poll, Charlie Spiering at the Washington Examiner points out that the mainstream media seem to be ignoring or seriously down-playing that fact.

Spiering took note of what Paul supporters wrote on Facebook:
"Notice anything strange about this headline?! How much more blatant could the mainstream media's bias possibly be? Ron Paul was in 2nd place, just 1% behind Bachmann. Pawlenty was around 14% behind Bachmann."
The Examiner's Tim Carney weighed in on the subject, too, with a commentary that was titled, "Will no one rid the GOP of this troublesome man?" where he asked:
Why do the mainstream media and the Republican establishment persist in ignoring and dismissing Paul?
In part, the media ignore Paul's success at events like Ames and the Conservative Political Action Committee because they think he's almost breaking the rules by having such a dedicated following. True enough, a cult following often does not translate into support broad enough to win an election. Is Paul the Right's Lyndon LaRouche?
Carney concluded that:
... Paul lacks the eloquence and self-control to win over the barely-attentive voters that make up most of the electorate. He rambles, sometimes slipping into incoherence, and seems to eschew efforts to cast his outside-the mainstream ideas in a more palatable light. Some GOP disdain for Paul likely comes from a -- not unfounded -- belief than Obama would wipe the floor with him in a general election.
With all that said, the bloggers both in Virginia and nationwide were hot and heavy on the message boards during Thursday's Fox News-Washington Examiner GOP presidential debate but this time something came through in their messages more so than in the past.

There was a general consensus from this eclectic group of political junkies who can crunch poll numbers, regurgitate political facts, and size up a candidate with barely a glance that Ron Paul just does not have the leadership qualities necessary to head up our country.

Sure, he has some good ideas ... but then he has some goofy ones, too. For every comment Paul makes that brings cheers, he follows it with another that brings groans, and this time some of his libertarian followers were groaning with everyone else. His defense ideas are somewhat surprising knowing he is an Air Force veteran from the 1960s. Some of his money ideas are commendable ... others will never fly.

Perhaps the lesson is for others to pick up the common sense issues, as Carney pointed out, and discard the rest. As for Paul being president ... it's not going to happen. That doesn't mean he should be disregarded ... all should be allowed to bring ideas to the table ... and Paul has certainly proven over the years to have a rabid group of followers. One has to wonder at times, however, who has hurt his candidacy more ... Paul himself, or those who sometimes go over the top in an effort to get behind their candidate.

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