Saturday, March 29, 2014

Former U.S. House Majority Leader Dick Armey endorses Ed Gillespie, Quinnipiac poll shows Warner is vulnerable

Conservative leader Dick Armey has joined the growing list of those endorsing Ed Gillespie for U.S. Senate. The former Texas Republican Congressman, who served as House Majority Leader from 1995-2003, publicly came out for Gillespie on Thursday:
I first met Eddie Gillespie in 1985 when he came to work for me in my first month in office as a newly-elected member of congress. His hard work and leadership were critical to the success of the 1994 Republican Revolution and our subsequent legislative victories, like balancing the budget and passing welfare reform.

I know Ed will bring those same skills to the table as Virginia’s next senator, which is why I’m supporting him all the way.
With a nod to Gillespie's longtime leadership in the Republican Party, Armey continued:
If you take a look at conservative victories of the last twenty years, you’ll see the fruits of Ed’s labors.

From the groundbreaking Contract with America to President Bush’s historic re-election in 2004 to the Republicans winning control of state legislatures in 2010, Ed has been at the center of these successes.

Conservatives in Virginia have a real opportunity this November. Ed has the principles and the experience necessary to defeat Mark Warner, who has gone to Washington and voted 97% of the time with President Obama, including his critical vote for Obamacare.

Since leaving Congress in 2003, I’ve been working on advancing conservative solutions to our nation’s greatest challenges. This has included founding Freedom Works, one of the nation’s top conservative grassroots organizations. Trust me, I know conservatives--and Ed Gillespie is one of us.
Quinnipiac just released a new poll that shows Virginia's Senator Mark Warner ahead by only 15 points when in a head-to-head contest with Gillespie, numbers that show the very popular Warner is vulnerable because of the unpopularity of Obamacare. With a little over seven months left until the November election, the poll showed Warner at 46 percent, Gillespie at 31 percent, and Robert Sarvis at 6 percent.

An analysis of the poll by Glen Bolger with Public Opinion Strategies can be found at

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