Monday, March 17, 2014

Roaming the yard in the St. Patrick's Day snow

St. Patrick's Day 2014 ... I had to roam around the yard in the 8-10 inches of snow left by the storm that actually began on St. Patrick's Day eve. Temperature was around 25; it has gotten up to 28 at mid-day with a wind that freezes the fingers. It's a beautiful wet snow that is sticking to trees, limbs, fences, and everything else. I found my jonquils that were not quite ready to bloom and brushed the snow off to see if there was a glimpse of yellow but they're hiding from the cold.

The neighbors are out, snowplows have cleared the road, and SWAC Husband has shoveled a path from the back yard to the road. I followed animal tracks in the yard and watched birds at the feeder and bird bath. The snow-flocked trees are beautiful. It won't last long ... March snows never do. The weather forecast is calling for 60s by the end of the week so the snow will melt into the ground to water bulbs that will become colorful spring flowers that will be popping out soon.

Enjoy your white St. Patty's Day ... the green will be here soon.

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
March 17, 2014


Cargosquid said...


Thought I'd stop by.

Long time no see.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Cargo Squid! So glad you popped by to see our beautiful snowscape in the Valley. We'll catch up one of these days ... have bloggers will travel. :)

Cargosquid said...

You should print and frame those pictures. As much as I hate the "white death"...those are absolutely beautiful.

Talk atcha later.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Thanks, Squid, for the kind words. I could wallpaper my house with all the photos I've taken of snow. :)