Thursday, July 05, 2007

Backroads of Colorado....

Lunch at the Bridgewater Grill in the Golden Hotel in Golden, Colorado, reminded me of home. The restaurant was on Clear Creek which provides water to Coors Brewery.
Absolutely gorgeous high-mountain lake provided fishing, camping, hiking, picnicking ... and breath-taking views of the Continental Divide.
Can't think of a more beautiful spot to fish....

Mitchell Creek ... feeds into Brainard Lake. Cold!
The water is straight off the snowpack.

Peaceful ... serene ... heavenly ... no amount of adjectives could adequately describe the feeling of being on top of the world. The air was cool and heavy with the smell of evergreens ... the overall quiet was appreciated ... the leftover snowdrifts made the imagination wonder what winter must be like in that isolated corner of the world.

Standing on one of the snowdrifts making a snowball to throw at her cousin....

Photos by SWAC Girl

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