Monday, July 30, 2007

To recap: Clinton's Janet Reno not fired after firing 93 but Dems call for head of Alberto Gonzales for firing 8

The liberal blogs continue to call for the head of Alberto Gonzales because of his firing of eight federal prosecutors. Where's the liberal outrage at Janet Reno's firing of 93 -- that's NINETY-THREE -- federal prosecutors during the Bill Clinton presidency? She didn't lose her job.

And neither should Alberto Gonzales.

For those young bloggers who were still playing Little League during the Clinton years ... you may want to brush up on your history. Check out Janet Reno ... the Waco fire ... and all the other controversies.

It's all political and should be put in perspective. Alberto Gonzales should not be fired, and President Bush understands that. I hope they both stand their ground.

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