Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Waynesboro school to keep its name....

Kate Collins Elementary will not see name change

In today's Waynesboro News-Virginian, Bob Stuart reports that Kate Collins Elementary School will keep its name.

Hooray for common sense and public opinion! In this day and age when buildings and highways and schools are being renamed for one reason or another -- political correctness or just because folks have forgotten the person it was named for -- it's nice to see the community speak out in defense of keeping the old name ... and reminding the school board why it was so-named in the first place.

In Waynesboro there has been a raging battle the last several months after the school board suggested changing the name of Kate Collins school. That set off a firestorm of letters to the editor and reminders to those who had forgotten/didn't know that Kate Collins was an educator who poured her life into her community ... and was properly honored by having a school named after her, a name that should remain in place.

Perhaps the school should have one day a year as "Kate Collins" day (or "Miss Kate," as everyone knew her) to educate the students so her place in the city's history will not be forgotten by them.

Here's to "Miss Kate"....

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Steve Harkonnen said...

This is good news.

However, Stump Elementary needs to change their name to something more appropriate. Sadly, the late Stump name was adversely changed forever when his son was found guilty of sexual abuse involving under-age girls. Each time I hear the name Stump, I associate that name with child molestation.