Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My "Secret Garden" ...

One of my favorite childhood books was "The Secret Garden," written in 1911 by Frances Hodgson Burnett, about a girl named Mary Lennox who goes to a Manor in England to live with her rich uncle after the death of her parents.

On this Manor's estate she discovers a "secret garden" that had been long neglected ... and she begins to tend to it. It's a wonderful book about friendship, determination, and perseverence, and remains one of my favorites.
I call my yard my "secret garden" because it has so many things growing in it, and there are nooks where one can sit and enjoy the flowers and wildlife and being alone. Today I wandered around the yard and took photos.

Sunflowers in the vegetable garden

Dozens of tomatoes are ripening ... enough to share with neighbors and friends.

"Fourth of July" tomatoes that were ripe by June 30.

The fountain with impatient plants.

Impatient plants around the base of the tree.

One of the varities of dayliles given to me by my now-deceased aunt.

Photos by SWAC Girl

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