Monday, July 09, 2007

Operation Iraqi Freedom vet accidentally struck and killed by Breckenridge trolley

Tragic news from Breckenridge ... last night while walking around town after dark we could see emergency lights down the street. We commented about "something is going on" and turned onto the cross-over street to avoid the scene.

Today we heard what was going on. An American soldier, a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, was accidentally hit and killed by a Breckenridge trolley, one of the free transports that run all over town. As reported in the Rocky Mountain News:
A Colorado Army National Guard captain who returned from Iraq last fall was hit and killed by a bus in Breckenridge. ... identified ... as Capt. Lynn Scutellaro, 28, of Evergreen. ... She was a helicopter pilot in the Colorado Army National Guard 89th Troop Command.
How very sad. One of our American heroes, possibly in town for the 4th of July holiday, tragically struck down after surviving war in Iraq.

Our prayers go to Captain Scutellaro's family along with thanks for her service to our country, and to the driver of the trolley who was probably devastated by the accident.

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Update: A more detailed story can be found at the Summitt Daily News.

Update: Funeral and more details here.

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TestPilot said...

Lynn was a wonderful and beautiful woman, definitely a hero. I wish that I was there that night to protect her.