Saturday, July 07, 2007

Rocky Mountain thunderstorms....

Thunderstorm clouds gather over Breckenridge.
Dark clouds and rain in Breckenridge with snow-capped mountains in the distance.

Since we've been in Breckenridge the afternoon thunderstorms are almost like clockwork. Throughout the day the brilliant blue sky begins to have puffy white thunderheads building, and in the late afternoon dark clouds come over the mountains.

Usually between 4 and 5:00, a big clap of thunder reverberates off the mountains and the rain begins ... sail boats on Lake Dillon immediately return to shore and folks on the street seek shelter.

The rain consists of big cold drops and the temperature drops 20-30 degrees which leads to a cool evening and overnight temps in the 40s.

Even now I'm sitting with the window open and the rain pouring down while thunder bounces off the mountains. The smell of wet dirt and evergreen and lilacs blooming outside my window permeate the air.

It's another Rocky Mountain thunderstorm....

Update: We strolled throughout Breckenridge Village this evening until after dark ... and the wind was blowing and it was so chilly we were layered for the coolness. All the restaurants had their outdoor fireplaces going and we stopped at a popular crepe place where we sat around the fire to eat. Low humidity, cool evenings ... I like this weather.

Tomorrow morning I'm hitting the Village early to get more photos of the shops, windows, flowers, houses, and the Blue River that runs through the middle of town.

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell

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