Friday, July 13, 2007

Bill Clinton: "It's the Economy, Stupid!"

The new dem blog's contributors Ed, who is 42, and Garstang, who sounds to be older, should very well remember Bill Clinton's campaign in which he used the campaign slogan:

"It's the Economy, Stupid!"
I certainly remember it. Now we run a banner paraphrasing it with "It's the Jihad, Stupid!", and they become all indignant about having their opinions questioned. Ed explodes in a fit of profanity unsuitable for a broadcaster. See his comment on Spank That Donkey under "Kestrel9000."

Libs, me thinks thou doeth protest too much.

Speaking of the economy ... did anyone -- anyone -- hear about the stock market surging to an all-time high yesterday, shattering all previous records?

Of course not because the economy isn't important to the MSM right now. They don't want to report on anything that would make President George W. Bush look good in any kind of way.

Should I run a banner that says, "It's the GREAT ECONOMY, Stupid!"?


kestrel9000 said...

I think we're more indignant about the whipping up hatred for all Muslims, and your use of the broad brush.
And there's that profanity hangup again. Wow. You know, I don't talk like that on the air, Lynn.
After years and years of "Liberal Traitors", "Liberals hate America", etc., I think it's to be expected some of us will get a little snarfed once in a while.
Just once in a while.
Yes, Spank's post infuriated me. I freely concede this, because my post which he reproduces was intended with the utmost respect for a young man who volunteered to serve his country out of patriotism, and lost his life in an unjustified war based on lies, never to marry, never to present his parents with grandchildren, never to feel the wonder of holding his newborn child in his arms, to carry on his family name.....well. And to call me disrespectful was a lot farther out of line than anything Cliff or I posted, IMO. He clearly intended to infuriate me, and I let him succeed. My bad. Live and learn.
You might be interested to reader reactions to the same post on Daily Kos.

This Iraq war/occupation is so unnecessary.
Missed you Monday night. You might have been interested in your Congressman's inability to answer a question I've asked him repeatedly, and in several different venues.

Have a good weekend, Lynn.

cafe de emporia said...

This is a war man, we're going to have to offend someone! And perhaps it is YOU, Eddie, who is truly painting with a broad brush. You make it sound like ALL Muslims are peace loving. And I will give it to you, most are. But many are not. Many do not live the Sufi lifestyle...they choose to interpret the religion of Islam in a way that would make any practicing dervish cringe with shame.

And it is up to those who DO practice true Islam--who know the true meaning of the term jihad--to come out of the woodwork, stand up, and denounce those who would choose to pervert Islam to suit their own mad desire for spilled Western blood. That has not happened yet, and until it does, their religion will ever be branded with the mark of radical, bloodthirsty, heathens. And nothing can, in reality, be further from the truth.

And I must respectfully disagree with your reasoning behind writing the post. I know that Daniel's parents would. I definitely know Daniel himself would. Do you not think he weighed the costs? Do you not think he knew that he might never marry--never have children--never hold a child of his on in his arms--did you not think he would have realized the Bubb name would end with him?

He did. And you know it. He knew the sacrifice and gave all he had--for one idea--that America's safety might be ensured and freedom of a people in slavery of tyrannical oppression might be freed.

You have no place to say what he died for--especially the cause in which he gave his last full measure of devotion. He is the only one who knows that--he, his family, and his closest friends. Were you disrespectful? Yes. Could you have phrased your 'respectful' post much differently? You better believe it.

I'm sure you will find that many, many, many, soldiers hitting it hard in the rough sands of Iraq do not find this conflict unnecessary. Daniel did not. Herb Harman did not. And neither do countless others.

But perhaps, you know their minds better than they themselves?

cafe de emporia said...

No quick witted come back or retort, Kestrel? I didn't think so...

kestrel9000 said...

You're not worth it, Alex.
I'm done with you folks.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Kestrel, don't take this personal, but most of here view your "daily kos" source of information as the commie manifesto for the left wing, aka "moonbat central."

Rice cakes, man. Invest in rice cakes.