Saturday, May 24, 2008

"America is not at war ... America is at the mall"

"America is not at war.
The Marine Corps is at war;
America is at the mall."

Encore post....


Anonymous said...

To be fair to America,,, our leader President Bush did encourage everyone to continue shopping and consuming in the wake of 9-11. Not one of his best moments, IMO.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

To avoid panic and not let it appear that the terrorists had overtaken the emotional psyche of this country, the President suggested we go about our everyday lives. Could we have done more? Perhaps.

But at the same time it is up to each individual to find some way to help. The President's suggestion did not necessarily mean sticking your head in the sand. Help our soldiers. Help their families. Fly those Ameican flags to show solidarity against a frightening enemy. Do something.

And that's my $0.02 worth. Thanks for stopping by.