Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bloggers 4 Gilmore: Spanky defines why pro-lifers should support Gilmore

Check it out ... Chris Green's "big tent" theory about why pro-lifers should support Jim Gilmore for U.S. Senate.


Anonymous said...

Sorry SWAC Girl, I love you but I disagree on this on. Pro-lifers simply can't support Gilmore when the have the opportunity to vote for Marshall. Glimore is pro-life only after over 50% of abortions have occurred--at 8 weeks. If he is our candidate, he's better than Warner, but Conservatives have the chance of voting in someone who truly understands and sticks by his conservative values.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

National security is my # 1 issue. Terrorism is a real threat ... look at 9/11 and attacks around the world. Jim Gilmore understands that. He is not for abortion no matter how much people try to spin it that way. He is strong national defense and believes in drilling in ANWR, something Marshall is against.

Gilmore stands up to the environmentalists and supports the coal-powered Dominion Resource plant in SW Virginia, something the local people want and need.

Truth be told, if terrorists attack this country we will ALL be aborted. (Thanks, Trixie Averill, for that line.)

Anonymous said...

Bob Marshall is a good man and I will believe he is truly pro-life until proven otherwise.

However, I will never forget how the quintessential "pro-life" National Right to Life folks worked feverishly behind the scenes to DEFEAT South Dakota's abortion ban.

I'm hanging with Gilmore on this one for the reasons SWAC Girl has articulated.

Spank That Donkey said...

I'd like to here the details on that story.

So Glad you are aboard! Attacking Governor Gilmore on Pro-Life when he has advanced Pro-Life issues his entire political career is disingenuous.

If he changed his 'position', it wouldn't change Roe v. Wade. That is why people running around saying that Gilmore's 'position' is killing 700,000 babies a year is to be nice, a misnomer.

Is Marshall's 'position' on abortion saving 700,000 children annually.... nooo.

If we are going to debate can not we be honest and not get into over heated rhetoric?

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Cathy, hi there! Hope to see you this weekend at the Convention. I'll be looking for Powhatan's delegates and you! ~Lynn

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Chris, good post on the "big tent" theory.

Anonymous said...

See you Saturday. Chris is buying.