Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hepatitis B kills....

Received an email from my mom about a friend in Richmond, in good health, who died last week of Hepatitis B. They still have no word how he contracted it.

Mom's email said:
I am sure you remember [name of friends] from our Sunday School Class. He was 69, tall, and thin and seemed to be in good health. He retired but took a part-time job and was traveling to and from NOVA, which he enjoyed.

On Wednesday, May 9th, he did not feel well - and the same on Thurs and Fri, just lay around and did not eat and would not go to the doctor. On Saturday, he had a temperature so [his wife] called and got his doctor -- and took him for a visit.

The doctor sent him straight to St. Francis Hospital. On Monday, they sent him to Medical College of Virginia (MCV). He was diagnosed with Hepatitis B and by Wednesday he was beginning to improve. On Thursday, his liver began to shut down, and he died on Friday morning (May 18th)... barely a week after he began feeling bad.
Family and friends are in shock.

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