Friday, May 23, 2008

Thursday Kaine Town Hall meeting in Staunton ... the photos

AFP's Ben Marchi had a message for Tim Kaine.

Governor Tim Kaine arrives at Mary Baldwin College in a state police caravan.

After arriving at 6:15 pm, Kaine talked with press outside the Francis Auditorium at MBC.

Interviewing with local press.

Ben Marchi talks with press.

NBC-29, WHSV TV-3, Bob Stuart of the Waynesboro News Virginian, News Leader, and other media gathered around Kaine.

Opposition to new taxes.

From the porch location of Francis Auditorium on Frederick Street looking toward downtown Staunton.

Tim Kaine addresses about 50 attendees in the auditorium.

Ben Marchi listens to his forth townhall meeting ... there are six more to go.

Ah ... the Union Man. I parked behind him on Frederick Street. He was at the Kaine meeting in March at Shelburne School in Staunton.

Inside the Union Man's car ... it said:
"George W. Bush -- Dumbass head on a string."

Photos by SWAC Girl

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