Monday, May 12, 2008

Hanger believes in more taxes ... not good for Augusta

DJ McGuire gets down to the nitty-gritty of the Augusta County GOP issue by pointing out that every Republican elected is lined up with Emmett Hanger, the tax-hiking state senator who was part of the "Gang of Five" in the state senate, led by John Chichester, and who lined up with Democrat Governor Mark Warner to pass the largest tax increase in Virginia history.

Every Republican supervisor -- four of the seven seated members -- is lined up with Hanger.

Hanger supports higher taxes = Augusta Board of Supervisors supports higher taxes?

The grassroots' job is to hold the electeds accountable to their campaign promises. However, BOS chairman David Beyeler told me that is not true. When I countered with, "Who do you thinks should hold you accountable," he said, "The voters."

I responded, "We are the voters."

Augusta voters need to realize the hands of the GOP electeds are too eager to be in their back pockets to beef up local coffers when they should instead be looking at spending cuts.

These are lean times for Augusta families. They should also be lean times for our government which needs to trim its budget just as families are having to trim theirs.

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