Wednesday, May 21, 2008

College Republican's car vandalized at VCU

It's Virginia Commonwealth University ... "Viet Cong University," we used to call it when I lived in Richmond ... located in the Fan. Both my sisters received their undergraduate degrees there. The current Republican students call it the Berkeley of Virginia.

Sadly, someone liberal -- don't know if they are students or someone else -- likes to vandalize vehicles that have conservative bumper stickers on them.

This wasn't the first time this College Republican had her car vandalized but this time was the worst. Previously someone had turned her Support the Troops sticker upside down and scrawled, "Yeah, bring the troops home in a body bag, b**ch."

This time they went further. All four tires were slashed and her car was severely keyed ... that art of dragging a car key along the side of a vehicle. "Deep keying," is how she described it.

Her bumper stickers include George W. Bush for President (I believe it's actually one of those oval W '08 stickers), Support the Troops, NRA (National Rifle Association), DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution), and an American flag.

Isn't this "bullying"? Isn't this what liberals preach against ... don't bully other students in school? This student is an honor student, works to help pay for school, and is active with campus politics. She said things like this happen all the time.

It sounds as if being a conservative on VCU's campus could be dangerous. What about tolerance of those with a different opinion?

This incident reminded me of the rude behavior we encountered from VCU students (and others) who were in Richmond in the fall of 2006 when President George W. Bush and George Allen had a fund raiser at the Children's Museum.

Meanwhile, she replaced the tires and is having her car repaired. It would be nice to think this will not happen again....


Anonymous said...

Viet Cong University? I don't understand. I am a student here, what is that supposed to mean?

Anonymous said...

No answer after a week. What a disappointment.