Friday, May 16, 2008

Why are Democrats "endorsing" Republicans?

I have gone on record time and time again on this blog saying that I favor voter registration by Party in Virginia. I just ran for and won a seat on RPV's State Central Committee with that as one of my issues.

Democrats crossing into Republican Primaries is bad enough but when they participate in our mass meetings it is even more grating to me. They are not the ones who will do the work of the activists ... they are only there to disturb the process or support a lone candidate. As I have stated before, they will not be out pounding yard signs or manning headquarters or making Get Out The Vote calls to our base.

Therefore, hearing yesterday that Dick Cranwell had kind of endorsed John Hager made me raise an eyebrow. Of course, that doesn't mean that Chairman Hager went out and solicited Cranwell's support but now two high-ranking Virginia democrats have spoken in his favor (Mark Warner was the other).

Something seems askew.

Greg at Black Velvet Bruce Li addressed this issue today and came up with an interesting conclusion, one that bears consideration. Greg asked:
Does anyone else come to the conclusion that Democrats are more concerned about Jeff Frederick running RPV, rather than John Hager?


Anonymous said...

Or this is EXACTLY what they're trying to do and sink Hager because they WANT Frederick. You're letting the Dems control this outcome. Who cares what they say or think, be rational and make your own decision on issues and stances and experience. Don't lose sight through the fog.

swacdog said...

This is why the grassroots need to step it up. I have nothing against transplants, but we can't assume we are naturally a Rep. state anymore. Grassroots need to wake up and speak out with votes.