Wednesday, May 28, 2008

RPV State Convention to feature Dick Cheney, George Allen, Rich Galen

This weekend's 2008 Virginia Republican Convention will feature Vice President Dick Cheney, former Senator George Allen, and veteran Republican Rich Galen as speakers.

Rich Galen, who has worked for Dan Quayle and Newt Gingrich, and currently serves as a political analyst for CNN and Fox News, will be the keynote speaker Friday afternoon. Vice President Dick Cheney will be the special guest speaker at the Commonwealth Gala to be held Friday night. George Allen will address the convention on Saturday.

The Convention is being held at the Greater Richmond Convention Centre.

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Anonymous said...

Dick "Haliburton" Cheney and former Senator George "Macaca" Allen...

Why doesn't the RPVA just issue, "kick-me" signs for all of the delegates to wear, while they are at it?

With Bush approaching single digit approval ratings and the fact that he is the most hated President in the modern era, just doesn't sink in with the RPVA.

Now is the time that the GOP should be running away from Bush, like our hair is on fire; not hosting Convention speakers that say to the public at large how very eager we are to keep the Bush Neocon destruction of our Constitution and Liberty, going.

By electing Bob Marshall as our Senate nominee and Jeff Frederick as our Party Chairman, Republicans can signal to the People that our Party has changed course; that we too are ready to leave the Bush era (error) behind and move forward to a brighter future that includes a return of government back to within its Constitutional limits.

The RPVA can keep their "kick-me" signs. I won't attend the Macaca II speech, nor the Haliburton brief, and I won't wear the, We (Heart) Bush t-shirt, either.

Bush was a mistake. We nearly lost our Constitution and our Republic.

The Republicans who distance themselves from his "legacy" of extra-Constitutional rule, will survive; those who don't, will join George Allen.