Thursday, May 29, 2008

U.S. Senate: Jim Gilmore, Jim Gilmore, Jim Gilmore

By Howie Lind

I strongly endorse Governor Jim Gilmore for the United States Senate. I urge you to support him and to vote for him at the Republican State Convention May 31 in Richmond.

The following issues are of utmost importance to us as Virginians and as patriotic Americans.

National Security and Defense
Governor Jim Gilmore served in the U. S. military as an Army Intelligence Officer, and he has served as Chairman of the Congressional Commission on Counter-Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction -- pre-9/11/01. And he has been a great leader for a strong Homeland Security posture for our nation after September 11th. Our Presidential nominee, Senator John McCain, will win Virginia while gaining large support from the national security and defense communities, both military and civilian, both active and retired. With Governor Gilmore on the ballot in Virginia with Senator McCain, Gov. Gilmore will attract these same voters.

Mark Warner has no military service and no experience in the above areas.

National Energy Policy
Governor Jim Gilmore has called for a "declaration of energy independence for the United States of America." His plan for more domestic energy production includes drilling for oil and gas in Alaska, in the continental United States, and off of our shorelines. He also calls for streamlining the cost of regulatory compliance for the construction of new nuclear plants and oil refineries and treating coal as a strategic national asset. He advocates a full range of new energy policies in order to push the United States towards energy independence, and away from our reliance on foreign oil and gas, particularly from these despotic regimes around the world who are our sworn enemies.

Mark Warner is beholden to the policies of the Democrat's far left who are stopping us from becoming energy independent.

National Economic Policy
Governor Jim Gilmore understands that the key to a strong economy is lower taxation at all levels of government in order to free up businesses -- small, medium, and large -- to expand their productivity and to create more jobs. Gov. Gilmore's signature achievement during his governorship was to eliminate the personal property tax on cars and trucks. And he achieved 70% of this car tax elimination, before being blocked by the Democrats and some Republicans in the Virginia General Assembly.

Mark Warner's signature achievement during his governorship was to ram the largest tax increase down the throats of all Virginians. This massive tax increase was absolutely unnecessary since the state economy was just rebounding, that resulted in record state revenues in excess of his tax increase -- before the tax increase even kicked in. The "main stream media" refuses to acknowledge this fact.

Please join me in supporting Governor Jim Gilmore to be our next United States Senator from Virginia.

Thanks to Howie Lind for use of his email.

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Anonymous said...

Correct me if I am wrong, but Gilmore did not support the surge and said so during his presidential run. Question, how can you be strong on national security but were willing to surrender in Iraq?