Saturday, May 31, 2008

RPV Convention: Day 1

Just got in from the Republican Party of Virginia's Virginia State Convention. Long day ... up at 5:30 Friday morning, meetings, convention, hospitality suites ... it's now after 1 am. The day was fun.

Signs were everywhere! Every candidate has certainly gotten his name out there for folks to see.

Candidates were mixing and mingling with delegates. Talked with Jerry Kilgore and Ken Hutchison.

The convention hall was set up with chairs and delegation signs and oversized TV screens.

Senator Steve Martin (R-Chesterfield) sang Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA" -- what a voice that man has -- and led the audience in singing "God Bless America" and the National Anthem.

The birthday party for the LG and AG was fun. The room was packed with hundreds of people ... barely room to walk around ... with a birthday cake in the middle of the room.

A large, oversized birthday card was displayed on an easel with Sharpies so everyone could sign. I wrote, "You guys are great! Lynn Mitchell, Augusta." People had written everything else you could think of. Figured I'd just tell them how I felt about both of them.

Many of the SWACers met up ... some had dinner together ... most went to hospitality suites that lasted late into the night.

Saturday will be another long day. Early meetings will be over by the 10 am start of the convention. First on the agenda is voting for senator followed by RPV chairman.

George Allen will address the delegates in the afternoon. When the convention ends, national delegates going to the RPV National Convention in Minneapolis have a meeting to receive hotel and travel information as well as other info.

Afterwards, national delegates are invited to a cookout at the home of Attorney General and Mrs. Bob McDonnell. That will be fun.

Busy weekend. Fun to see all the familiar faces, all the candidates, the electeds, and fellow activists. I am taking plenty of photos and will post later ... too late to upload tonight.

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