Sunday, May 11, 2008

Every GOP elected in Augusta County signed for Roller ... who do you trust?

Across Virginia, as GOP grassroots leaders endorsed by hordes of electeds have been up for re-election, many have found themselves losing or almost losing when faced by a grassroots rebellion.

SWAC Girl ran for State Central Committee against an incumbent who was backed by a legion of electeds including Emmett Hanger. I was backed by no elected. I won.

In the 2nd Congressional District incumbent chairman Bruce Myer was defeated by Gary Byler.

In Augusta County an appeal was filed by Larry Roller after the Augusta County Mass Meeting held on April 10, 2008. The appeal was signed by every Republican elected in Augusta County including three who were not even at the mass meeting, a clear violation of the 6th District Bylaws.

Below is the original appeal and the signatures that followed. Every Republican elected in Augusta County ... versus ... a lone volunteer.

Emmett Hanger is determined to purge Augusta County of the Sayre supporters who almost defeated him a year ago. This is further proof and he has convinced every elected to join him including Jeremy Shifflett who was just seated on the Board of Supervisors in January after being supported and promoted by Kurt Michael for that position.
April 16, 2008

Mr. Fred Anderson
Sixth Congressional District
Republican Party of Virginia

Mr. Chairman:

We the elected officials of Augusta County are supporting Larry W. Roller, as the duly elected Chairman of the Augusta County Republican Committee at the Mass Meeting conducted on April 10, 2008.


Richard Homes - Treasurer
Jean Shrewsbury - Commissioner of Revenue
Randall Fisher - Sheriff
Jeremy Shifflett - Board of Supervisors
Larry Howdyshell - Board of Supervisors
Gerald Garber - Board of Supervisors
R. Steven Landes - Delegate
John B. Davis - Clerk of Court
David Beyeler - Chairman, Board of Supervisors
Emmett Hanger - State Senator
The 6th District Bylaws clearly state only those who attended the mass meeting can sign an appeal.

The following did not attend the mass meeting and, therefore, are ineligible to sign the appeal:

- Delegate Steve Landes
- Jeremy Shifflett
- Gerald Garber

The grassroots need to run the Party ... and the electeds need to run their elected positions.

Update: I have been told by Roller supporters this is not an appeal but, rather, a letter of support. So Larry Roller has the "support" of every Republican elected in Augusta County....

Update 5/13/08: Spark It Up!! has linked and has comments.


D.J. McGuire said...

So you have a Boar majority that came out for the tax-hiking ciphers.

Hold on to your wallets next year!

Anonymous said...

Hey, congratulations!

I hope you had a great Mothers' Day too!

Writer said...

congrats on being re-elected to state central!