Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Giant Burmese pythons eating alligators in Florida....

While at a friend's house today checking out her new Dell laptop computer, we came across an extraordinarily creepy story out of Florida on the Fox News website.

Apparently pet owners who have purchased giant Burmese pythons are releasing them into the Everglades when they grow too large to keep as pets ... and the darn things are proliferating in the warm climate with some estimating the number already at 30,000. Fox News reported:
As if killer bees and kudzu weren't enough, the southern United States may soon have another invasive species to contend with — giant Burmese pythons capable of swallowing deer and alligators whole.
But the photo that creeped us out was the one of the python that ate an alligator that was too large for the snake thus causing the python to split open ... killing both the snake and the alligator.


Scientists are warning that the warm climate across the southern portion of the United States from California to the Chesapeake Bay could cause the pythons to migrate into those areas.

When SWAC Husband was stationed with the Air Force in Thailand, he tells me, there were instances of giant pythons attacking and eating people. If those rascals are growing to 30' long in the Everglades, how long before some unsuspecting child -- or person -- is attacked?

Sounds like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

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