Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Saxman on Kaine's proposal: "... little bit aggressive for real needs of Virginia"

As news of Democrat Governor Tim Kaine's proposed tax hikes to pay for transportation projects circulates around the Commonwealth, those close to home are absorbing what it would mean to citizens.

Delegate Chris Saxman (R-20th District) of Staunton expressed doubt for the governor's proposal. In an interview with Harrisonburg's WHSV TV-3, Saxman reacted to the news:
"This is probably a little bit aggressive for what the real needs of Virginia are," says Saxman.

In addition to state-wide taxes, Kaine's plan calls for increased sales taxes in northern Virginia and Hampton Roads. Just last year, the state Supreme Court struck down a plan to allocate $600 million specifically to those areas.

"Amendments to the transportation program last year were deemed unconstitutional," says Saxman. "I don't know why Virginians are going to have to pay a billion dollars to fix [Kaine's] mistakes."
Others in the Valley reacted in a similar fashion including Senator Mark Obenshain (R-26th District).
"What I think has raised a lot of concerns is that the governor has taken this simply as an opportunity not just to replace that $600 million but to almost double that," says Mark Obenshain (R - 26th District).

Obenshain says he wants to make sure projects in the Valley get the funding they need too.

"We know that we have some projects that are in dire need of making sure there's funding adequate to complete them," says Obenshain. "For example, Port Republic Road."
The General Assembly is being called back to Richmond in June when this bill will be discussed by both Chambers.

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