Friday, May 23, 2008

Protesting the anti-war protesters

There is a heart-warming article in the Wall Street Journal about a man protesting the anti-war protesters as part of a pro-victory group in Pennsylvania. They meet every Saturday for an hour to publicly stand up in support of American troops.

As reported by the WSJ:
[Rich] Davis, 54, is a pro-military protester who makes a public stand each week in support of the troops and their mission.
Mr. Davis grew up during Vietnam ... same as me.
At first he hoped someone would challenge the protesters, speak up for the troops, and defend their mission. On Sept. 8, 2007 he decided that someone had to be him.
That was me six years ago when the first anti-war protesters showed up on the streets of downtown Staunton. They were going to be there everyday that week from 12-1 pm. I hoped someone else would get up a "Support the Troops" rally and, finally, did it myself because I couldn't stand the thought of no one standing up against those people.
"We're not silent anymore," Mr. Davis told me. "We refuse to let antiwar protesters have the stage to themselves."
Exactly! And that is why we must PUBLICLY stand up for our troops. Thank God for people like Rich Davis. His stand did not go unnoticed; he was joined by members of the Gathering of Eagles.

The article is definitely worth the read.

H/T to Ron at Isophorone Blog

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