Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Newspaperman to be new Democrat chairman?

First, he ran for Waynesboro City Council while still working as a reporter and owner of the Augusta Free Press. He lost by a wide margin to Councilman-elect Bruce Allen.

Now he's running for chairman of the Waynesboro Democrats. Chris Graham does not stay within the normal boundaries of a news journalist and will now move further to the left of center while continuing with his reporting duties.

He wrote today in his online newspaper that the Democrat meeting would be held next week, and that he is the only announced candidate for chairman. An oath is required to be signed declaring he will not support anyone else running against the dem candidates.

Just think ... a newspaper written and owned by a Democrat chairman. Why do I think people would be screaming "conflict of interest" if it was a Republican?


Anonymous said...

gimme a break.... Roger Ailes at Fox.... yeah, Dems complain, but he's still there. How about Byrd and the H'burg paper?

at any rate, I know most D's think Chris is off the right wing meter.... will be interesting if W'boro Dems pick him. Then will he be trusted by the tom and bob clowns? me thinks not.

Anonymous said...

First, no one in the legitimate news business has ever thought Chris Graham was anything but a walking conflict of interest, even before he ran for office. Second, to confuse his online operation with a "newspaper" is just silly. It's just a glorified blog. Always has been. Always will be. His political allegiances have always been marriages of convenience.