Monday, May 19, 2008

Dear Gov. Kaine ... NO NEW TAXES

American For Prosperity (AFP) has done it again. Sign the online petition that asks Tim Kaine not to raise our taxes for transportation. The petition says:

Dear Governor Kaine and Members of the Virginia General Assembly:

I strongly oppose the $1.1 billion tax and "fee" increases proposed by Governor Kaine. The proposed increases in the vehicle sales tax, vehicle registration fee, and grantor's tax (paid by the seller on a home sale), are regressive and unnecessary. The proposed sales tax hike in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads is also uncalled for, especially when those voters rejected tax hikes in 2002.

Raising taxes should be an option of last resort, not a knee-jerk reaction designed to avoid making tough reforms. I urge you to constitutionally lock the transportation trust fund, implement more public-private partnerships to build and expand roads, and enact comprehensive reform of VDOT, including prioritization of projects based on cost per hour of delay to get the most out of existing transportation dollars. Until meaningful reforms to our transportation system and government have been made, tax hikes are unwarranted.

It then takes about 30 seconds to fill out your name and contact info. It also directs you to Virginia Director Ben Marchi if you have questions.

Don't forget to join others in Staunton this Thursday, May 22, from 6:30-8 pm when Tim Kaine brings his Transportation Town Hall to Mary Baldwin College. Come armed with your questions.

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