Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jim Gilmore is the ONLY choice for U.S. Senate

National security is my #1 concern in any election ... and Jim Gilmore is the only choice in the U.S. Senate race because of his strong national security background.

I am not in favor of abortion ... but that is not the most important issue to me when it comes to a candidate. I respect those who are pro-life ... aren't we all pro-life? ... but if we have bombs dropping on our heads, it won't matter about abortion. First and foremost, we must secure our nation.

Jim Gilmore has the background and experience for that. He led Virginia through the 9/11 crisis as governor. He has military intelligence background. He was part of the Gilmore Commission prior to 9/11 and recognized the terrorism threat at that time.

Jim Gilmore is for drilling for oil in ANWR ... Marshall is not.

Gilmore wants to see us become more energy independent by drilling offshore and by streamlining the cost of regulatory compliance for new nuclear plants and oil refineries.

Gilmore is for the Virginia Dominion coal plant in southwest Virginia that is opposed by environmentalists but is wanted and needed by the people who actually live and work in the area.

Under Jim Gilmore's administration we saw tuition at Virginia's colleges reduced 20%. That rate was frozen for four years ... and since then tuition rates have spiraled upwards. With college-aged children, I am painfully aware of college costs.

Jim Gilmore says what he means and means what he says. He is the only choice for Virginia for U.S. Senate, and I will be in Richmond proudly supporting him at the RPV State Convention this weekend.

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