Friday, February 25, 2011

And then there were 10,000 Facebook supporters ... George Allen weekly update

Weekly update from George Allen....

Dear Fellow Patriot,

This week was a busy and successful one for our campaign. On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending an open house with over 140 Northern Virginia Tea Party Patriots. It was clear they are frustrated that Washington has been ignoring “We the People.” We had a great discussion about the Constitution, energy, foreign policy and the economy. I look forward to continuing that informative conversation with Virginians throughout the state.

I also had the chance to participate in events for two wonderful organizations that provide support and guidance to Virginians throughout the Commonwealth. It was an honor for Susan and me to be invited to join in the Gloucester Institute’s “Return to Sunday Dinner.” We had a great talk with smart, well grounded students and future leaders. We were also glad to be able to enjoy a great cause, ThanksUSA, a charitable organization started by two young girls that provides scholarships for military spouses and children.

Susan and I truly enjoy traveling around the Commonwealth. It allows us to not only listen to the concerns of Virginians but also to personally see first hand the so many remarkable initiatives by Virginians to better people’s lives and opportunities. I encourage you to join us and our grassroots insurgency by volunteering, following us on Twitter, joining us on Facebook, or becoming an online captain.

With your continued help, advice and support, we will fight for the issues that matter most to the families of Virginia and get our country back on the right track.
Stay strong for freedom!
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George Allen

P.S. The George Allen Facebook page has over 10,000 fans – help us continue to spread our positive message by encouraging your friends to sign up at!

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