Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Boomergeddon birthday

 Jim Bacon, author of Boomergeddon. October 2010 in Richmond

Who knew? Author, blogger, numbers cruncher Jim Bacon and I share the same birthday ... but what year? He doesn't look a day over 39! The photo above was taken in Richmond at the tea party convention in October where Jim was selling his book, Boomergeddon.

Jim has worn many other hats over the years ... publisher and editor-in-chief of Virginia Business magazine ... editor of Generational Advisor newsletter ... well-known for the Bacon's Rebellion blog and now the Boomergeddon blog .. and much more.

A word about Boomergeddon: It's not an easy read but it's an important read as Jim warns my generation of what is ahead in these treacherous financial times:
Boomergeddon is the day investors stop buying U.S. Treasuries — the day the U.S. government goes into default, the global economy is thrown into turmoil, the American empire begins to crumble, and the social safety net starts to unravel.

Following the main themes in “Boomergeddon” the book, this blog chronicles the melt-down of federal finances and the demise of the democratic welfare state. (Read a free sample here.)

If you’re looking for a laugh or a warm, fuzzy feeling, go somewhere else. In “Boomergeddon,” we explain why there’s a good chance you’ll spend your golden years eating dog food and recycling beer bottles.
Well, okay. He's not that intense in person ... in fact, he smiles quite a bit for someone who is raising a red flag. Check out his website, check out his book, and most of all send him birthday wishes on his day. Happy birthday, Jim ... enjoy your trip around the sun!

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