Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kaine meeting with Obama ... reconsidering U.S. Senate seat?

The Richmond Times-Dispatch is reporting there could be a meeting as soon as today between former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine and President Barack Obama. Could Kaine be reconsidering requests that he run for senate ... or could Obama be twisting his arm trying to get him to run?

Many on the right side of the aisle are saying, "Puh-leeze run!" Kaine would have a record to run against including the $1.1 billion VDOT surplus after a McDonnell administration VDOT audit. Before those funds were discovered, Kaine shut down most of Virginia's rest areas, claiming a lack of funds to keep them running ... a claim was considered political and laughable and became more so after McDonnell's election and subsequent audit.

Stay tuned....

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