Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Washington Examiner Tuesday headlines

Byron York - In Wisconsin, the gap widens between GOP and Dems

At the heart of all this, Republicans and Democrats are realizing there might be a gap between them that is bigger than they realized. To Republicans, the budget fight has involved the widespread shirking of responsibilities: teachers walking out on students, legislators running away from their offices, even doctors abandoning medical standards to make excuses for perfectly healthy teacher/protesters. To Democrats, the fight has touched a core issue; anything is justified to preserve union benefits.

Sara Carter - Jubilation turns to fear in Tripoli as military turns on protesters

The ugly turn of events in Libya indicated that the cost of the tide of revolution sweeping the Islamic world may be higher than it appeared after relatively bloodless coups in Tunisia and Egypt.

Timothy P. Carney - Paul Krugman epitomizes the current liberal divorce from reality

One reason liberals get so excited about the protests and teacher strikes in Wisconsin is that they see this as a battle to preserve the power of the working man -- a noble cause and one many liberals take very seriously. Read More

Mark Tapscott - Wisconsin confrontation could be fatal flaw in Obama's 2012 re-election strategy

One reason why Obama Democrats are now backing away from their earlier enthusiam for the public employee union protestors chanting in the streets of Madison, Wisconsin, against Republican Gov. Scott Walker and the newly-elected GOP majorities in the state senate and house may be their realization that they're on the losing side. Read More

Timothy P. Carney - Scott Walker or Chris Christie for President? No way

Many conservatives are understandably fond of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie who are fighting the good fight in the face of powerful entrenched special interests. Partly because any successful and conservative governor is considered a candidate for President, and partly because the current 2012 field is considered lacking, conservatives are already dreaming about Walker or Christie running for President. Read More

Byron York - New poll: Public sides with Wisconsin governor over union

A new national poll just released by pollster Scott Rasmussen shows that 48 percent of those surveyed support Wisconsin Republican Gov. Read More
David Freddoso - Wisconsin Senate can and will still pass other bills in Dems' absence
Wisconsin's Senate needs a supermajority quorum to pass budget bills, and that's why the flight of 14 Democrats to Illinois has stalled the process. Read More

Mark Tapscott - Union protestors shout down Fox News report on doctors handing out fake excuse notes to Wisconsin teachers

Here's what "democracy" looks like to union protestors in Wisconsin - Screaming, shouting and silencing a fellow citizen trying to participate in a news organization's attempt to provide the general public with facts about doctors handing out fraudulent medical absence excuse notes. Check out the video of the incident below:   Read More

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