Sunday, February 06, 2011

From Arlington, TX ... Super Bowl XLV

Green Bay Packers versus Pittsburgh Steelers ... it's Super Bowl XLV.  A singer from "Glee" opened with  "America" and the camera flashed to former President George and Laura Bush with a cheer from the crowd.

Christina Aguilera had a little goof with the lyrics to the National Anthem....

Get ready for some of the best commercials of the year....

Oh, yeah ... and some football, too.

7:00: Touchdown Green Bay! Score: 7-0.
7:06: Touchdown Green Bay! Score: 14-0.
7:23: Field goal Pittsburgh! Score: 14-3.

Commercials of note so far....
- Doritos: The pug dog that knocked the plate glass patio door down on the guy who teases the dog with Doritos.
- Amheiser-Busch: Western saloon with Clydesdales delivering beer; outlaw's thirst is quenched and he breaks out in song joined by everyone else in the saloon.
- Volkswagon Passat: Little Darth Vader who doesn't have the power of the Force until he tries it on his dad's Passat and it "comes alive," much to his surprise ... cutting to the dad standing in the house pushing the car remote button. Cute.

7:42: Second interception by Green Bay.
7:45: Touchdown Green Bay! Score 21-3.

Update on Volkswagon Darth Vader commercial: Here's the YouTube link to the commercial, thanks to RC.

7:56: Touchdown Pittsburgh! Score 21-10 with only 39 seconds until half time.

See all the commercials after the game at

8:08: Black-Eyed Peas for NFL half time show: They are starting with "I've Got a Feeling (Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night)" ... that was the song played at the Richmond Marriott the night Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell won in a landslide in November 2009. Good memories....

Reading Facebook comments ... the half time show was not that great a hit with a number of people... Maybe a nice patriotic half time show next year?

Second half ... was that a bad call against Green Bay for holding face mask? Replay appears to show Green Bay player's hand was not on the face mask....

8:42: Touchdown Pittsburgh! Score 21-17.

8:45: A salute from the NFL to our American military troops.

- Coke: Border guards redrawing the border line so one can pass along a Coke to the enemy guard. Cute. Shades of Snoopy and the Red Baron.... :)
- Carmax "We Believe In Customer Service" ad: The guy who pulls into a service station and thinks he's being car-jacked when service includes cleaning windows, jumps out and runs into the milk delivery guy.

8:55: Cameras just showed George W. and Laura along with Condi Rice and a number of others. That's a ticket I wouldn't turn down for a million dollars....

-NFL "Best. Fans. Ever." ad: Snippets of various TV shows throughout the years.

9:30: Touchdown Green Bay! Score 28-17.

- Pepsi Max ad: "Not a chance." "Wait ... which one?"

9:42: Touchdown Pittsburgh: Score: 28-25.

- Bridgestone Tire ad: Beaver returns favor. Driver swerves to avoid beaver in the road; next time beaver drops a tree in road to prevent driver from disaster with a washed-out bridge and raging river. I liked it ... Beaver a double-thump heart salute that was returned by the driver.
- "House" ad: Mean Joe Green take-off on Coke commercial from a Super Bowl of many years ago.

9:56: Field goal Green Bay! Score 31-25 with about two-plus minutes left in the game.

10:05: Incomplete throw from Steelers with less than a minute left in the game. Final score: Green Bay 31 ... Pittsburgh 25. Congratulations, Green Bay Packers!

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