Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Washington Examiner's Tuesday headlines


Obama adds $8.8 trillion of new debt in next decade

Examiner Editorial"Obama's budget also raises taxes by $1.5 trillion on corporations and high-income earners, imposing higher marginal rates and new limits on charitable and mortgage deductions."

Egypt's dim future

Cal Thomas, Examiner Columnist"According to a 2009 study by WorldPublicOpinion.org, 64 percent of Egyptians view the Muslim Brotherhood positively, while only 16 percent have negative views. Sixty-nine percent think the Brotherhood favors democracy."

Stop public financing of political campaigns

Gene Healy, Examiner Columnist"Presidential public funding is a particularly obnoxious waste of taxpayer dollars, based on the false hope that handouts to politicians will deliver better politics. It may be chump change, but we're the chumps, and it's past time we got a refund."

From New York to the Amazon, a shakedown lawsuit against Chevron

Carter Wood, Oped Contributor (Part One of a Three-Part Series)"The litigation against Chevron was always just about the money -- big money for U.S. trial lawyers, their Ecuadorean underlings and the anti-American regime of Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa."

An Arab-American looks at the revolution in Egypt

Lee Habeeb, OpEd Contributor"If Arab countries like Iraq -- and now Egypt -- can unleash the God-given talents of its people and extract wealth not just from the ground but its citizens as well, watch Arab self- doubt begin to fade. And with it, anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism, too."

How the GOP can keep its Pledge to America

Hugh Hewitt, Examiner Columnist"This is the week the freshmen especially have to check their guts and their past promises. Many people are watching closely and won't forget. It wasn't the House appropriators who sent these new representatives to Congress, and the appropriators won't be able to explain away any credibility gap that opens this week to voters."

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