Friday, February 04, 2011

Snow day in Austin, Texas!

 Ah ... the joy of snow! It's a rare snow day for Texas Niece after 3" of the white stuff fell overnight in Austin. She posted on her Facebook page, "(S)no(w) school!"

 Wonder how many times the live oaks have experienced snow on their branches?

 Dang, she dropped snow on my head.

 Snow in the canyon behind my sister's house.

 Snow-covered trail into the canyon with snow-covered live oaks.

Enjoy your Snow Day!

There it is ... the snow my Texas sister has been wishing for this winter. (I'm thinking she was missing Virginia a bit more than usual.)

A rare winter storm dropped ice and 3" of snow on many parts of Texas including Austin where the canyon plants and live oaks were perhaps a bit startled at this twist in the weather. My sister said she could hear tires spinning on the icy road surface as vehicles tried to make it up the hill. With schools closed for an almost-unheard-of snow day, it's a great opportunity to take some time off and enjoy!

Happy "(S)no(w) School" Day!

Photos by SWAC Sister
4 February 2011

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