Thursday, February 03, 2011

Washington Examiner opinion headlines for Thursday afternoon

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Webb (D-VA) votes against ObamaCare repeal ... Warner (D-Va) a no-show
Many in Virginia are questioning the votes Wednesday (or lack thereof) of their Democratic Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner when the U.S. Senate took a vote on whether to repeal the health care law known as ObamaCare. It was defeated, falling along party lines and ending up 51-47 against repeal.

Another Maryland energy tax

Two Montgomery County state Senators, Rob Garagiola and Roger Manno, both Democrats have introduced legislation that will increase Maryland utility bills. SB 304 establishes a $0.0013 per kilowatt hour renewable energy surcharge on residential retail utility customers who exceed 1,000 kilowatt hours of usage a month. The Public Service Commission would authorize utilities to place the surcharge on customer bills and place the funds in the Maryland Renewable Energy Benefit Fund.

Are our biofuel mandates fueling Islamic extremism in Egypt?

Food revolts? Massive popular protests in Egypt demand the removal of the country’s pro-American dictator, Hosni Mubarak. But no one can predict with certainty whether his removal after 30 years in power would lead to a constitutional democracy, or a theocratic despotism. The likelihood of an even worse regime replacing Mubarak is real, and has been increased by the widespread diversion of cropland to produce biofuels rather than food. That in turn has led to rising food prices that have fueled unrest among the poor in the teeming slums of Egypt’s capital city of Cairo.

iPhone 4 coveting starts with Verizon, not Apple

The new Verizon-powered iPhone 4 became available this morning, and it's the Verizon website, not Apple's, that's swamped with orders. This might reflect Apple's preparedness for the launch, but Verizon launched the hugely popular Droid just over a year ago. Verizon knows what web traffic a launch entails.

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